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Full Day Workshops

We offer a full day Workshop Package that focuses on developing student higher order thinking through writing instruction. This workshop is for primary reading & writing teachers who use interactive boards in their classrooms. Teachers will be introduced to new ways of integrating language instruction with technology and new applications of interactive tools. So our workshop will benefit teachers with technology experience and those who are new to interactive software.

During the workshop, we will:

  • use the interactive board to show teachers exciting ways to integrate the different aspects of their language curriculum by means of fundamental language ideas
  • show how language ideas extend across the curriculum
  • show how our modules easily engage students in discourse about language ideas
  • show how to use our interactive flip chart modules
  • provide hands-on practice with new concepts
  • introduce teachers to how patterns in composition relate to patterns in narrative *

* Our second full day workshop focuses on narrative (reading) patterns *

Introductory Workshops

Our 1½-hour workshop introduces educators to fundamental writing ideas and how they relate to reading ideas, and how teachers can use interactive technology to engage their students in higher order relational thinking about these language ideas.

Check our website for upcoming Workshops or CONTACT US to talk about booking a workshop so we can help meet your literacy and technology needs.