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Syntax Module 05: Oh, The Places We Go


At the beach, students will continue to explore the phrasal relationships that form sentences, specifically phrases about place.

Product Description

Syntax05_Product_Image-01At the beach, the Tiny Woman guides students as they expand their understanding of phrases about place. Students will explore how new ‘place’ words can be embedded into phrases and related to the subject of the sentence. These syntax lessons engage students in higher order relational thinking: how words relate to form phrases, how phrases relate to other phrases to form sentences, and how sentences relate to other sentences. These phrase ideas transfer from sentence to sentence and text to text, in fiction and nonfiction, and to new multi-media and multi-literacy experiences. Understanding how one phrase relates to another is important when revising or editing their own and others’ writing, and for giving descriptive feedback to peers.

This module contains 71 pages, including:

  • 34 instruction, activity, discourse and assessment pages for students
  • student pages organized into 3 lessons
  • 18 Extending What We’ve Learned pages, to extend ideas across curriculum
  • 5 Professional Development pages for teachers
  • 5 pages about classroom Instructional Criteria

Typical Module Features:

  • Clear lesson objectives
  • Explanations of the concepts for teachers
  • Easy to follow interactive lessons and instructions for students
  • Engaging activities for students
  • Embedded discourse & assessment questions (using Learner Response Devices)
  • Lessons, activities, discourse questions that develop higher order relational thinking skills
  • Original artwork and musical arrangements
  • Extending What We’ve Learned activities to show how language ‘big ideas’ extend through relations, across language and other curriculum areas

Tiny Woman Wordshop Interactive Modules are designed with Promethean ActivInspire software for use with interactive whiteboards. Module instructions and questions easily provide opportunities for responses with Learner Response Devices. 

Tiny Woman Wordshop modules instruct the ‘big ideas’ of language (or fundamental concepts) that underlie the common core standards and language curriculum expectations for primary education. 

  • Special Education & Primary Grades 1, 2 or 3
  • Adaptable for 8-11, Special Education, or junior grades
  • Modules move with a teacher to different grades

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