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Narrative Cards


The narrative FUNCTIONS & RELATIONS cards help teachers and students think critically as they read and view multicultural and multimedia texts.

These cards support the linguistic and literary ideas introduced during training sessions and/or teacher education and graduate courses. To date, there is no accompanying manual with these cards. However, a manual is in development and should be available October 2016. Contact info@tinywws.com for further information about organizing professional development talks or training with Dr. Christine Portier.

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Narrative Functions & Relations Cards
The narrative functions, primary needs and plot category cards help students think critically as they read and view multicultural and multimedia texts (e.g., graphic novels, picturebooks, film, historical & science fiction, biographies, commercials, etc.). These symbolic cards help students draw significant relations within each text and extend literary ideas from one literary experience to the next. The narrative relations cards serve to further extend literary ideas meaningfully across the curriculum to support social and environmental (biodiversity) studies, science, character/values and health education. Further, students’ developing understandings of narrative functions and relations can be transferred to help them compose their own fiction and nonfiction texts.

Whole Class Discussion Cards (8.5” x 11”):

  • 8 Narrative Functions
  • 6 Primary Needs
  • 6 Narrative Relations
  • 6 Plot Categories

Small Group or Individual Student Cards (2.5” x 4”):

  • 4 sets of 8 Narrative Functions


These narrative cards support the innovative research by Dr. Christine Portier and were developed in collaboration with K-6 educators. The symbolic artwork is original (© Tiny Woman Wordshop) and designed for the total literacy approach to language instruction.

  • 26 large symbolic cards
  • 4 small symbolic card sets
  • Original symbols & artwork
  • Plastic zipper storage case

Tiny Woman Wordshop resources & materials instruct the learning of ‘big ideas’ in language/literacy that underlie common core standards and language curriculum expectations.

  • Supports all literacy and language programs
  • For primary, junior & intermediate grades (grades 1-8)

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