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Functions & Relations in Poetry


This poetry manual introduces educators to how poetry is shaped by fundamental literary and linguistic structures, and how through poetry, important language ideas can be taught and critical relational thinking can be developed.

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Product Description

“And I wrote my happy songs, every child may joy to hear” – W. Blake

Children are naturally drawn to singing songs, chanting rhymes, playing with words and making up their own rhymes, rhythms and beats. By teaching poetry, we can extend children’s knowledge of language by showing them how the elements of sentences and stories function & relate in poetry.

This manual consists of three parts:

  1. READING POEMS: We show how educators can help students focus on the poem as a whole and then direct them to how the parts (words, images & characteristics of poetry) form the whole. We have also suggested key categories of questions that teachers can use with our example poems and then with any poem they read with their students.
  2. WRITING POEMS: We have organized poetry models or templates, from simple to complex, that students can use to compose poems of their own.
  3. APPENDICES: We have included a selection of useful word lists for composing poems, developing vocabulary and serving as categories to be extended over the school year.


  • Introduction to the functions and relations in poetry
  • Poems for reading with students
  • 8 categories of questions for critical discussions with any poem
  • Poetry models for composition, from simple through complex (metaphorical)
  • Samples of poems written by students of all ages

  • 166 pages
  • 9.25 in. x 7.5 in.
  • Spiral bound

Tiny Woman Wordshop manuals instruct the learning of ‘big ideas’ in language/literacy that underlie common core standards and language curriculum expectations.

  • Supports all literacy and language programs
  • For primary through secondary instruction (grades 1-12)
  • Even useful in adult ESL writing courses

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