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About TWW

About TWW

construction_worker-01 TINY WOMAN WORDSHOP is founded upon years of elementary classroom teaching experience and extensive linguistic and literary research. TWW has developed Promethean interactive literacy resources to support teachers’ professional learning and students’ language & cognitive development. These modules present an innovative application of language and literacy research designed to engage elementary students in both language and technology. The activities in the modules have been developed from classroom experiences and have been critiqued by both teachers and students.

TWW Vision

TWW aims to help develop students’ higher order relational thinking skills by means of language (reading, writing and media) instruction. We focus on what is enduring about language so students can develop their competencies to think critically not only about language but with language.



B.Ed. (OCT), Ph.D.

Through Tiny Woman Wordshop, I provide professional development presentations and workshops for educators. I have taught students from JK through to grade six, primarily in inner city schools in Ontario and have worked with special needs kindergarten and high school students. I am a certified primary/junior teacher with a Master’s degree in Adaptive Instruction and Special Education. I have a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, with a focus on the relations within and between literature and linguistic structures, and relating language instruction to cognitive development.