Language Structures

We show how the two communicative aspects of language—literary and linguistic—are unified by functional relationships.

Relational Thinking

We align language and literacy learning with the fundamental ways that we think.

Critical Literacy

Dynamic language structures and relational thinking help students develop critical comprehension along with reading and writing competencies.


Tiny Woman Wordshop is a comprehensive, relational thinking approach to literacy instruction and learning. We work directly with educators to help develop students’ critical literacy learning and thinking.


Dr. Christine Portier consults with, and offers presentations and workshops for any and all educators involved in literacy and language instruction programs.


We develop and produce print and digital materials to support classroom instruction and student learning.

Total Literacy

All of our workshops and materials are research-based, align language concepts with cognitive processes, develop learning frameworks that develop grade to grade across subjects, and support and strengthen the thinking needed for math, science, technology, and social and environmental studies.

How We Benefit Instruction

  • students
  • teachers
  • administrators
STUDENTS find value in:
  • Interacting with the functions and relations of language

  • An easy to understand thinking framework

  • How writers, storytellers and directors organize language to convey meaning

  • Deepening their critical understandings

  • Developing competencies in expressing ideas through multimedia texts

  • A creative presentation of lessons and activities – with original artwork and music!

TEACHERS find value in:
  • A clear articulation of the functional relationships of language
  • A way to unify language instruction, objectives, expectations, and standards
  • A conceptual thinking framework that deepens  literacy understandings
  • Professional development that aligns research with practical applications
  • Fully utilizing classroom literacy resources
  • Engaging students with interactive technology

  • A cognitive framework that transfers to learning across other areas of the curriculum

ADMINISTRATORS find value in:
  • A comprehensive way to meet curriculum objectives, expectations and standards

  • A language and thinking framework that spirals through the grades

  • Unifying programs between grade teams

  • A way to connect English and French literacy programs within the school

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