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Welcome to the TINY WOMAN WORDSHOP, a research-based approach to language instruction for elementary classrooms. We offer workshops and interactive lessons and activities that align key concepts in language with higher order thinking, seamlessly integrate technology with curriculum and pedagogy, can be developed from grade to grade across subjects, and support and strengthen the critical thinking needed for STEM and biodiversity education.

Our interactive lessons relate reading, writing and media literacy instruction by focusing on the ‘big ideas’ in language. Using interactive board software, teachers will meet their most important AREAS OF NEED: to deliver comprehensive and critical language lessons, to make full use of classroom technology, and to integrate instructional criteria into their program.


All Tiny Woman Wordshop resources:

  • Bullet_blue Are created by teachers and researchers—for teachers and students
  • Bullet_blue Are designed for grades 1, 2 & 3, and special education
  • Bullet_blue Meet and relate language curriculum expectations
  • Bullet_blue Provide hours of language instruction, with extensions into other curriculum areas
  • Bullet_blue Engage students in activities and discourse about ‘big ideas’
  • Bullet_blue Integrate teacher PD and student instruction in one resource
  • Bullet_blue Immerse students in art & music to enhance and guide them through literacy concepts

Our interactive lessons:

  • Bullet_red Work with any interactive board and computer—just install the ActivInspire software (register an account on Promethean Planet and request a free personal edition or purchase the professional version)
  • Bullet_red Provide hours of interactive technology use each day
  • Bullet_red Use a range of ActivInspire tools
  • Bullet_red Provide whole class, small group & independent activity pages
  • Bullet_red Integrate Learner Response Devices
  • Bullet_red Link to outside media
  • Bullet_red Are designed to move with a teacher to different grades

Our workshops and flipcharts deliver a high quality approach to instruction:

  • Bullet_Yellow Student engagement
  • Bullet_Yellow Classroom discourse
  • Bullet_Yellow Differentiated instruction
  • Bullet_Yellow Open-ended questions
  • Bullet_Yellow Cross-curricular and integrated learning
  • Bullet_Yellow Develop higher order thinking and metacognition
  • Bullet_Yellow Extend relations to social justice and environmental issues
  • Bullet_Yellow Link success criteria to instruction, descriptive feedback and formative assessment

Follow the links below to learn more about TINY WOMAN WORDSHOP.


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Learn more about how TWW brings together years of elementary classroom experience with language study and literacy research.